Road to Recovery

I have been a migraine sufferer since the age of 14. I have tried everything under the sun and beyond, to no avail. When triptans came on the market in Europe, I tried (injections of 100 mg) and it would wipe the pain away, but not rid me of the problem.

Migraine runs in my family

Both my parents were migraine sufferers, and so is my sister! My father told me his migraines vanished at the age of 45, but my 45th birthday came and went. I had eyes checked and "realigned", ears tested for balance, nasal septum deviation corrected, oxygen therapy, electro stimulation, jaws set straight, yoga, acupuncture, Chinese massages, you name it I have tried it. I have taken so many treatments it takes 7 full pages to document when I need to explain my case to doctors or neurologists.

Finding the right migraine treatment

I have tried CGRPs, no luck. I was up to 3 triptans a day and my blood pressure went through the ceiling. But life continues, work, loads of driving, kids, houses, quite a few moves, extensive business travels. A couple of neurologists actually gave up, telling me they had tried everything in the book! I had to go into hospital for 10 days to wean me off codeine. My pharmacist loves me, I am one hell of a regular client.

Gabapentin helped me become migraine-free

Then, recently, my neurologist went back to a medication I had tried unsuccessfully a few years back, gabapentin, sold here under the name Neurontin. He suggested a much stronger dose, 100 mg per day. I have now been totally migraine-free for two full months, I cannot remember such a long period since 1973. I still get occasional headaches, but aspirin + acetaminophen + caffeine takes care of the much weaker pain. I may not be home and dry, but (all) fingers are crossed!

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