Squawking and Squatting (Oh My Head)

The pressure just took me by surprise and I was abruptly having a Migraine. I never knew how bad these migraines will be until they show up. This particular morning I remember squawking like a bird stuck in a tree. (Squawking for help). I let out a scream that sounded like a bird that needed help. I had taken my medication and did not know why it came with such vengeance. The tone of my squawk was a shriek sound. I was able to slowly make my way to the medicine cabinet and take my pill that I dissolve under my tongue for relief. Within seconds I felt the pressure being released. I got a cool facecloth. I was scared to make any sudden moves. Any moves!!! I just squatted down in a position and was quiet.

I was real quiet. I didn't want any noise, no tv, no radio. I didn't want to hear anything that even sounded like a sound. I reached up to the switch and flicked the switch down and turned the bright lights off that are in my dining room. My only thought was to have my migraine completely gone. After an hour or so of being in a squatted position I made my way to the telephone. I'm always careful to make sure there's nothing going on with my head that I am not aware of. I called my Dr. He begin to ask a lot of questions, how long did it last? What brought it on? Where did it start? Was there any pain in my eyes? If so, left or right eye? I answered every question and was able to make it to his office.

After being thoroughly checked out, I felt all would be okay. It was a nasty migraine that just came on me that day. My blood pressure was not out of the normal range.This experience was a definitely a squawing ,loud, unpleasant experience.(Painful is a understatement)
You know that the pain is crucial when all you can find yourself doing is squatting and holding on in hopes of Just go away migraine.

Since living the last 14 years with Migraines,it has really been a life changer in every way..I am so mindful to everything that would trigger me to bring on a migraine. I am mindful of what I eat, what I drink, certain activities. The reason being is because one wrong food, one wrong drink, and one wrong activity will leave me in a squat position feeling like a bird that needs assistance.

For the most part I have learned so much since the very first day I had a migraine and literally was unable to move.For me sleeping is sometimes the only way that I am able to get complete relief. I find now that prevention is the best. So I am always doing what I know to prevent another Migraine.It surely stops me from doing a lot of the pleasurable things in life.I sleep it away and it normally makes so much difference.In my opinion it was not a typical migraine. The level was 10x worse than normal.That day was a day to definitely say Oh My Head!!!!

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