Starting Over with a New Doctor

To be blunt, there are a lot of things that suck about being sick. The pain, the isolation, the frustration, etc. However, two of my least favorite parts of being sick are: new patient paperwork, and doctor's appointments. I have been to too many doctors' offices with high hopes, only to leave disappointed and exhausted. I feel that though I have seen almost 10 neurologists in the past four years (I moved around a bit), I have yet to make serious progress with reducing either my daily head pain, or the severe attacks I suffer from multiple days a week. I have not been pain free in over four years.

Because of this, I am seriously considering switching neurologists. My current specialist is one of the good ones. Dr. E relies heavily on scientific studies to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments ranging from chiropractors, all the way to botox. He is methodical, and always open to suggestions or alternative methods of treatment. However, as stated, I feel I am approaching the limit of how much progress I can make under Dr. E. As much as I appreciate the treatments he has tried, and the care with which he has treated me, I don't want to be stagnant any longer. I want to keep searching for more effective treatment. Therefore, I fear that I shall soon be off to more doctors' appointments to fill out new patient paperwork. Wish me luck!

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