Stepping Stone

In 1979 I was 6 yrs old. riding home on the bus from day camp I began feeling sick and head started hurting, lucky me I was able to move to an empty seat and lay down my brothers thought I was lying but the longer I was laying there the worst it got.

By the time I got home, I ran into the bathroom started throwing up and than my brother called my step mom and told her what was going on and she gave me a Valium and I slept for about a day. A few weeks later I got another one after being at the beach most of the day we went back to our condo and I slept it away again with another Valium.

Ever since then I have had migraines as I got older they became stronger and more often. My father had issues with headaches and my Mother, Grandmother and Aunt all suffered from migraines. So I learned what caused some of them I tried tons of medications ending up being allergic to 90% of them all from preventives, to just about everything on the market but surgeries.

Im 45 now and Im at 25-27 migraines a month. Ive done botox was allergic to it, worst thing in my life having to be in the hospital for it. I am no different from everyone else I just know there are so many different medications out there I have tried over 43 different types. I so want people to understand I have tried diets cutting all meat out of my diet things like adding things in slowly. Weather is a LARGE part of my issues at times any time there is anything more than a 10 Degree change in weather I'm down for the count. I cant use the ice masks or caps that are out there because my neck is sooo sensitive that if cold hits it I'm down and out with a migraine could be for weeks at a time.

My longest migraine was almost 2 yrs. I had the headache daily was about a 5 on the scale, by the time the day was over I was beyond a 10. Ive been through Cancer twice and to me that was easier with the surgeries and the medications afterwards were easier than living with this disease. This disease has cost me family, friends, and finishing my college Masters. It has taken so much from me and on top of it all I have passed it on to all 3 of my children. Talk about feeling guilty I feel like one of the worst mom's in the world because they have to deal with them thank god that theirs are not as bad as mine are right now. I just want to know I am not alone besides my kids having them. I have the most supportive husband he married me when I was the mom of 3 on the go go go all the time and he still married me.

I have been on disability because of these things. I see so many of you suffering and I just and in ahh of how you handle it or how medication has worked for you. I saw the Top Migraine Dr's for yrs and still couldn't find anything. I've been in the hospital having test after test sleep studies and seizure studies spinal taps. I'm Done. I just want to melt away and be a stepping stone cause at this point that feels like that is all I have done in my life is be a stepping stone cause of all the different types of medications, diets, tests, and hell I still live in. My husband has gotten to the point that he is like I cant live in the bedroom like you do I tell him I never asked him to. He goes into the living room and turns the tv on and comes in and checks on me sometime's too much.

I just began CBD Oil in a Vape, it helps for an hour or two on top of taking opiates I have tried so many of them that it's like eating candy. My Dr is wonderful, he is my GP and he does everything listens to everything I have a notebook I take to the Dr every time I go in which is monthly or I wouldn't have medications. I jot down things as I feel see or know questions or comments and he reads it and deals with each issue one at a time. Yes by the way I have Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia and Lupus I had Uterine cancer and Colon Cancer in fact I found out this Feb 2019 I was cancer free.

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