Struggling with migraine for 25 years

I'm 35 years old and have been struggling with migraine for roughly 25 years. Just recently, I wound up being sent home from work due to what we, at first, thought was a reaction to a new medication that I started the night before. I was having visual problems, couldn't stand or walk straight, was having problems finding words, and was dizzier than I can remember being in a very long time.

My neuro's office said that if I didn't get better to go to the ER. I wound up going the next morning because I was actually worse. Once there I was given Ativan, which had no effect on me except to start me hallucinating. I was admitted, and an MRI was scheduled for the next day. The neuro on call from my doc's office was there quickly and did a neuro exam, which revealed significant weakness on my left side. He told my nurse that if he had seen me himself in the ER, he never would have admitted me. The next morning, I was woken by a different on call neuro from my doc's office, who told me he just wanted to see if he could wake me up, hold me his name, which I misheard, and then wished me luck on the MRI that was scheduled for later in the day.

As the day progressed, the vision, dizziness, and inability to stand straight got better, but not the speech issues or the weakness on the left side. The MRI was clean (as I thought it would be), and by that time, the migraine attack pain itself began. When I told this to the nurse, she went to call the hospitalist (the neuro that morning passed the care back to the hospitalist instead of being willing to deal with it himself), who told her to send me home and have me use my home meds...he would not give me anything for the pain in the hospital. Unfortunately for me, they did nothing, and when I saw my own neuro the following week, she apologized like crazy for the way that her co-worker chose to treat (or not) me in the hospital. I was still having word finding problems, as well as weakness on the left side, but not as much as I had been the previous week/weekend.

At this point, almost 2 weeks later, I still can't get read of the migraine pain, and the meds that my neuro have given me to abort / control my migraines aren't doing anything. I'm really getting frustrated because there are quite a few meds that I cannot take, and many others that I've tried and yet, don't work for me (or don't work anymore).

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