A Sufferer Since 13

Hi. My name is Kim. I've suffered with migraines, since the age of 13. I was started on midrin with no relief. I've moved on to imitrex injections. Those lasted for awhile, but now in my 40's they seem to have gotten out of control. I take so much medication. I'm surprised I can function on any level.

I have been very fortunate that I have 2 wonderful little boys. During my pregnancies I suffered no migraines whatsoever. The day after each of my sons birth. I had severe migraines. Life has taken a slow turn for the worse. My migraines have escalated to 3-4 days at a time with more then 15 a month. I feel so bad for my boys that they have to suffer with me. I can't make any plans and sometimes I have to cancel. It makes me feel so useless. I have to rely on others to take care of my children. Now I've have Botox and take a ton more medication. I was hoping that they would get better with age but it's only worse.

My only hope is to find support and people that understand. I really am glad I've found this site. Thank you.

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