A New Surprising Relief for Migraines!

My migraines have been diagnosed as “vestibular migraines,” a rare type with many difficult side effects in addition to the horrific migraine pain itself, which can last days or up to a week. I can get vertigo, double vision, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, & just start falling down for no reason.

Daily migraine pain

Recently, during a day of painful migraine headaches, with the ears ringing, eyes burning, head pounding & double vision, my Imitrex Rx could not alleviate any of my pain. This was the first time that has happened. Desperate to ease the pain, I decided to try an OTC medicine I bought at a pharmacy in Paris recently. Within 5 minutes of taking 1 tablet, migraine, gone. Too good to be true. Next day migraine returned: another Parisian pill. Again the migraine went away. What it is: 400 mg of Ibuprofen & 100 mg of Caffeine. Only allowed 3 pills each 24 hours. I called my Neurologist in NYC, a migraine Specialist, who was thrilled with my discovery. He understood why the ingredients worked from his research. Happy to share this surprise with fellow sufferers.

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