Teen with hemiplegic Migraine

Mom of teen with hemiplegic migraines. I too suffer daily chronic headaches that mimic migraines. oh joy!

But my son is 16 and has had his second spell, I guess you call it with this migraine. Three years ago same thing and honestly the headache never went away. It just subsided to a pain level he could live with and still function. Symptoms: dizzyness, headache, can't walk heel to toe, severe dizzyness when stands up, or climbs stairs, walking then he all of sudden falls. All sounds like brain stem infections and this time the headache did come after a flu :(

He has tried topirmate but didn't tolerate well. Severe reaction with depression when on it. Periactin did ok but didn't get rid of the headaches at all, and then he just lived with it.

I am not sure if anyone has any success with indocin for pain or any suggestions or stories they can share. I honestly just want him better.

My headaches have always been daily chronic and cluster when seasons change. Changes to fall/winter always sets me off but my concern is for my son.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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