There is light at the end of the tunnel

I'm very shy and writing this is taking me outside of my comfort zone, but I have to share my experience with migraines in case my story can help others.

I started to get migraines about 5 years ago and I had a migraine straight for the first 6 months without a break.  I then had constant migraines and was lucky if I had one or two days without one.  The most troublesome symptom to me would be the confusion and disorientation. I felt like I was intoxicated all the time. It made me feel so disconnected and strange. I would slur my words if I could even find in the words to say. I work for a call centre and I had to go on short term disability. I'm back at work and I'm very fortunate to work for them.They have been really wonderful and supportive and genuinely seem to care about my well being.In return I have a good work ethic and do the best I can even when I don't feel well. They accommodated me and I now work part time from home.

It has been a long road. It has been difficult to maintain relationships and forget about starting new ones.

I have tried so many medications that didn't work or the side effects were too much to handle. I have been on a waiting list for over two years to see the neurologist again to try Botox injections.  In the mean time I have tried meditation, acupuncture and Feverfew to see if it would help. I didn't get much improvement from them. I did however buy myself some ear plugs for sleeping. I have Fibromyalgia also and never seemed to be able to get a good nights rest.  I always seemed to hover at the line between awake and asleep, my husband has sleep apnea and snores very loud which doesn't help. So I have been wearing the earplugs to bed for over a month and I feel great I have so much energy and the fog has lifted.  I feel better then I have in years.  I did get one migraine when I was on my period and a couple that started but went away when I took a couple of Tylenol.

I know that sleep is important but didn't realize how important it is.I used to nap every day also and haven't done that it weeks. This may not work for everyone but it is worth a try. Thanks for reading.

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