Feeling Bad About Migraine Limitations

Hi! I am struggling with accepting my limitations when I have a migraine. I feel as though I'm struggling on all fronts. I have been getting daily migraines and try very hard not to overdo the pain meds that are part of my treatment plan. It means putting up with horrendous pain at times but I am determined to reduce both the Sumatriptan and the extra-strength Tylenol. But in the middle of the night, I take a Sumatriptan if the pain feels unbearable so I can get enough sleep.

Treatment side effects

It didn't help last night though- the pain was enough to jolt me awake and I stayed awake after trying a CD that opens up new pathways in the brain, a cold pack, and reading a novel for 15 minutes. I am taking a standup comedy class on Zoom and am finding it really hard to come up with material. Sumatriptan knocks out my creativity. It also causes drowsiness and fatigue. I'm trying to give myself a chance to find a prescription med that doesn't make me feel like a zombie but someone told me that all migraine prescriptions have those symptoms.

Migraine treatment that doesn't cause drowsiness

If that's the case I will have to try to manage the pain with distraction. I read a bit about Ubrelvy and Nurtec but I don't know whether they cause as much sleepiness as Sumatriptan. Also, I live in Vancouver, Canada so I'm not sure whether I can get them here.

Would appreciate feedback about the availability and effectiveness of these two meds from anyone who has tried them.

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