My Tribe and MYgraines

I have had migraines since I had children, but they're chronic, and I've lost weeks to them for 11 years or so. I grieved the loss of identity as an active mom and someone who enjoyed people and outings. I did not think I was enough anymore when I could not do the things I once did for family and friends.

Struggling to work with migraine

I lost an opportunity to work in a field I came to love. One I worked so hard for after divorce. Well-meaning people made comments without understanding the impact migraine had on my life. But then some angels came into my life. They helped me see I had worth. They helped me try things I had not done for a long time because I just did not have anyone to do them with.

Grateful for supportive commuunity

It’s been 4 years now and I went on a few hikes. I’ve gone on short half-day trips. I am walking further on my own because they helped me to set that pattern together. It is a daily fight. But when you have people who see beyond your pain, you can start to see yourself again.

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