Trying To Make Sense Of All Of This

Like most people here I've had a complicated relationship with myself and migraines.
It's been almost six years now and it has been a hell of a rollercoaster. Thankfully I have come a long since it all started (and accepted my new life). My aura and symptoms have changed quite a bit over time and my unwillingness to undergoe full medication for migraines has been a blessing and a curse (I've been on topamax, blood pressure medication and now two different type of anti depressant)

My stubbornness has taken me through diet changes and lifestyle changes as well.
It's been a few months since I started my actual and most succesfull combination routine (yet!), that consist of medication, natural supplement and a strict diet ( currently going from gluten and dairy free to low FODMAP diet and still dairy free) and I am trying to make sense of my latest realisation;

On Monday night I took a triptan before going to bed as I had a migraine the whole day and didn't sleep well the night before. I woke up feeling good, no more migraine !
At the end of the day something hit me, my daily hand tremors did not manifest the whole day! So then, Could it be that ever since I've been on my current routine, I've had silent migraines every day and the most obvious symptom was the tremor ?

To be clear hands tremors appeared as a foretelling sign of stronger than usual migraines about two years ago and never really went away, although I thought that it was maybe a side effect of the Topamax I had stopped taking. since it has helped diminishing the strenght of tremors.

Am I the only one suffering from hand tremors during migraines ? Silent or not ?
I have ditched a second neurologist who wanted to put me back on topamax despite telling him I do not react well to it and never want to go back on it ( and also made me try a blood pressure med that forced me to keep the bed for days) and I am currently waiting to have GP, hopefully by the end of the summer.

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