A Walk Inside My Aura

The object was yellow and shaped like a cone, spherically 3-D. There were patterns etched out of the sides, each pattern precisely the same as the next. The patterns started at the top of the cone and filled the yellow 'paper' all the way to the bottom. Around this yellow object were blue and white lines, not perfectly straight just bent here and there. I would open and close my eyes but it wouldn't go away. Thinking if I sat still for a moment my blood pressure would equalize and the light show would end, I sat on the edge of my bed waiting. The only thing that happened was the center of my vision faded completely if but temporarily. Well that was a first. Unless you count the time I had a concussion. But all I did this time was sit up on the bed to take my jacket off! I've had headaches for years; however, this is the first aura that I've ever had like this. When they say you can see lights and temporarily lose your vision with migraines, believe it! I then felt tingling up the back of my scalp and wonderful (sarcasm) nausea.

Sometimes I feel I'm on a tv show and someone's pushing a button,"Ok, first phase of migraine...NOW! Second phase.....wait, NOW!" I am that textbook. Except for today's 'Alice In Wonderland' aura. It's really something when your mind takes you to a place completely different then where your feet are planted.

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