Was That A Joke?

I am writing this essay after finishing the essay "I Say Yes To Changes and Also No". I am riding the surge of the urge to write.

Often, I don’t understand jokes. I have been called "Tubelight". At least, this used to happen til a few years ago, back when I used to interact much more with people.

Limiting human interaction

What happened now? Why I am limiting my interaction with people to important matters only? What happened? Two things — One, people are the biggest triggers for me, and two, I have devoted my life to writing just like people devote their lives to their jobs or businesses. For real, I don’t have time for anything else in life. Whatever I do, I do it as a part of the writing process. Hanging out for me mostly includes taking a walk around my home, be it the supermarkets to get groceries or the sugarcane juice vendor or the tender coconut vendor or the shopping malls (for window shopping mostly since I don’t have a source of income).

Understanding jokes and migraine

Coming back to my not understanding jokes, this is possibly due to my conscious mind-wise impairment. Hence, I don’t process things immediately leading to little understanding of something unexpected for which I am not prepared.

If reading a simple romance novel is not possible to follow often, how am I supposed to understand jokes which need me to be able to analyze them immediately? I am more comfortable making jokes out of the blue. Just like I am more comfortable writing poetry than reading poetry.

I make jokes about all kinds of things all the time. But when asked by someone to do it on-demand, I am unable to. I can release something coming from my subconscious, not something which I need to consciously analyze and then deliver. No es posible, as a Spanish Señorita would say!

Here comes my brain fog again

Goodness me! Again, I feel brain fog intensifying along with lethargy. I love it when I feel better from the shower and then from Shivambu. I hate it when it doesn’t last long. But I love the brief feelings. They are heavenly. Now, you know where the thing we call Hope creeps in. Shivambu is to be blamed for this. I guess I should add shower to the list as well. (Just to make things clear, if the relief from the shower is usually a 2 on a scale of 10, then the relief from Shivambu is more like an 8 out of 10. Yes, that’s the potency of Shivambu, so amazing, isn’t it?)

Please note: I wrote this a year ago during the summer of 2022.

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