When the medication doesn’t work

I have had chronic severe migraines my entire life. It’s awful, as I’m sure you all know. I had a hard time with attendance in school and struggled through college. I stayed at home until my children were older and have just started back to work this year. I’m in pharmacy and so I’m surrounded by people who have a working knowledge of migraine medication and treatments. I however can’t take the “normal” treatments. Any kind of triptans make me as sick as the migraine. I’m doing the Botox injections and have had limited success (I went from 3-4 migraines a week to 2) My coworkers don’t understand chronic severe migraines. Because lady x has them and imitrex works for her then it should work for everyone. I’ve missed three days of work because of an uncontrollable migraine this week. I’ve had three rescue shots and one occipital nerve block and while the pain is lessened it has by no means gone away. I missed two days last week and spent a day in the hospital for a migraine. My work is not very understanding. I’m curious how everyone else handles work and csm?

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