Migraines and Me

I always had headaches as a child but when I had my first pregnancy those headaches turned to migraines. Four children later my migraines have only gotten worse. My migraines were officially diagnosed a few years ago when I finally started seeing a neurologist. I have since been diagnosed with chronic migraines. I get different types of migraines as well. Every other month with my menstrual cycle I get a constant migraine that lasts consistently for about 3-5 days solid. I also have noticed that when I get migraines on my right side of my head they are gradual in intensity and as long as I take something for them soon enough then they are more or less manageable. If they come on my last side though they are 95% of the time "thunderclap" migraines (come on suddenly with intense pain). I have had MRIs that have shown white matter lesion on my left side supposedly due to my worsening migraines. Over the last 2 years, my migraines have grown in intensity, duration, and frequency with no reason found. I am currently on Fioricet (so?) and having tremendous difficulty in controlling my migraines still. I joined this site for more help and advice. My worsening migraines is a huge worry to me as they are extremely debilitating!

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