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Living with Migraine

Barometric pressure & migraines

  • By Cyndi

    Hello all,
    Unfortunately I’ve had a bad few days back to back migraine. But today took the cake. As much as I love rain falling and listening to it, I’ve had to be in bed most of the day today. As i was texting my husband who was at work (firefighter/paramedic) he asked me if I thought it could be the barometric pressure. Which is ironic because I took my boys (14,11, & 8) to a picnic with water slides & a mom friend (Physicians Assistant) told me that it could be the barometric pressure causing my migraine. Due to the fact that she stated I didn’t look well. I tried to hide it but sometimes your face says it all for you. With that do any of you suffer from episodes like this?? My poor boys know the drill when I’m not well and can take care of themselves. But I hate not being able to enjoy a Saturday pain free. Thanks for your input. I’m headed back to bed to get some rest so hopefully when I wake up the pain will be gone.
    Take care all!!
    Cyndi N

  • By Tammy Rome

    Weather changes affect a lot of us. Barometric pressure changes, wind speed, humidity, and even lightning can trigger attacks. It can be difficult to cope because we can’t always control our exposure to this one. Some patients have found that taking Diamox the day before and during weather fronts can help. That requires you to watch the weather. 🙂 Fortunately, there are plenty of weather apps for our mobile devices that can help us. Sometimes just knowing that it’s a risk can help us plan ahead and prepare our family.

    I didn’t check the weather forecast yesterday because it was so nice outside. Then about 1:30 I starting having some prodrome symptoms (blurred vision, word loss, fatigue, muscle weakness). By 5:00 the migraine had come on full-force. A thunderstorm rolled in overnight and woke me up. It was then that I realized what triggered the attack. I got caught off guard and I know better! 🙂

    My suggestion is not to hide it. Your kids are old enough to understand what is happening and probably savvy enough to see through your attempts to hide the pain. Just be honest, treat the attack, and do your best. Kids are very resilient and the children of migraineurs tend to grow up to be very compassionate advocates.

    Take care!

    Tammy Rome

  • By owieithurts

    Hi Cynnewie75 & Tammy,
    So sorry you had such a miserable day! Ugh. I hope you’re feeling better now. My biggest trigger is the weather, followed by hormones. I don’t know if it’s the barometric pressure, temp changes, rain, or what exactly. But it can come in advance of the weather change – even as much as a day. Even when the meterologist doesn’t mention rain in the forecast, my head can predict it. Isn’t it disappointing when you have to cancel plans or leave something early?! Anger. Guilt. Sadness.
    Thanks for mentioning Diamox, Tammy, I’ve never heard of that before, will check it out.
    Just knowing that there are others who are suffering with me, makes me feel better (I hope that doesn’t sound bad).

  • By Tammy Rome

    That doesn’t sound bad at all! Shared suffering eases the burden. Take care.

  • By Jules2dl

    I often start getting a migraine 3 or 4 days before it rains. It really ticks me off too, because often the weather will be super nice Tuesday through Friday, yet I’m down with a migraine because its going to rain on Saturday! Not quite fair.
    My family jokes that my head is much more accurate than the local weather forecasters, and unfortunately, they’re correct.
    This past winter, when we had so many below 0 days, and this summer, when we’ve had unusually cool temperatures leading in to 90 degree temperatures I’ve also noticed that these drastic changes in temperature also bring on a migraine for me. Has anyone else noticed that?

  • By owieithurts

    Hi Julie
    Yes, I can relate! I, too can predict the weather better than meterologists! And big changes in temps affect me as well. I keep thinking I should move somewhere where the climate is steady…all these ups and downs are killing me!

  • By Rockin mama

    The weather affects my migraines as well. The polar vortex last winter was awful. Decreasing temperature during the day are a trigger. Hurricanes can be a trigger even though I live in central Ohio!

  • By Beth

    Hi Cyndi,

    I’m in the same boat. Barometric changes are one of my main triggers. I live in the South, so Spring-time tornado season is the worst. My headache doc had me try this this past Spring and it really helped: whenever I see that severe weather is predicted (especially squally, tornadic-type weather), begin taking 25 mg of Imitrex 2 days prior to the start of the weather and continue it til the weather stabilizes. Obviously this isn’t helpful for storm systems that pop up, but it has really helped decrease my number of migraines. I also do this when I fly; I’ll start with the 25 mg 2 days prior to leaving. Good luck to you!

  • By Cyndi

    YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL for responding. Sorry that i didn’t respond sooner. it breaks my heart that we are all suffering together through this disease. I’m very grateful for this website to help me understand that I’m not alone. I have tried multiple daily meds, but none have helped so far. I’ve tried taking “Triptans” but I’ve got the adverse affect on them. They trigger my migraine to a 20 & I projectile vomit! It’s horrible! With that, I can’t take any Triptan-based drugs which is most of the preventative migraine pill.
    Take care all of you!!!

  • By beth0589

    For as many years as I can remember rain storms always trigger a migraine and YES it can occur even days before the rain comes in. I tell people I’m a walking barometer. I’m currently suffering from a 2 day migraine. I’ve had meningitis in the past and I start to get nervous when no meds are helping. That was a big sign it wasn’t my normal migraine and had to seek help. I’ve suffered with migraines for at least 19 years and they got worse after the meningitis. I hate anyone else has to suffer these.

  • By Megalodon

    Ah, someone else uses the wall vs. head to ease migraines. It is pretty bad when it comes to that point.

    My memory, especially under the strain of a migraine, refuses to let me figure out the triggers but I have my suspicions.

    Lately, I have suspected barometric pressure behind the relatively mild migraines I have. I do remember having a migraine during my family’s car trip up the Rockies. From Santa Fe to Denver and Colorado Springs, I had a nasty one. But I also had raging hormones then too.

    This bouncing temperature weather we’ve had, like long duration Oklahoma temp swings (try 20 deg change in under 30 min.), has stronger pressure changes with it. I seem to get migraines then – mild pain from right top of my head through the sinuses, jaw, teeth, and into the shoulder. If bed rest doesn’t break the mind lock, a shower and shampoo seems to help. It also clears the sinuses.

    I have decided that there is some sort of point system to be ‘rewarded’ by a migraine. I can manage all the food triggers all I want, until I’ve gained enough points to have a migraine. Then guess which foods I want? Yep.

    I have noticed my migraines can come after a stretch of stress. I call them circuit breaker migraines. Those have been nasty. At least since I quit working for ‘the Man’, I’m not having those.

    I wish all of you more migraine free days this year.

  • By ddowlen

    I completely understand everyone’s pain I really do which was why I had to reach post about what helped me. Until recently, I had the same issue. I dreaded cloudy days. I found an all natural product called urlifeback migraine support and it was the first thing that actually allowed me to be able to enjoy a cloudy day. I have not had a migraine in about 4 months and counting now. Its so weird to see and feel a front coming through and have no pain whatsoever. Anyway I had to reach out to you all because I wanted you to be aware of something that helped me. I remember the intense pressure in my head where I wished somebody would cut my head off. God bless you all and Best of luck to ya.