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  • By Michele

    So.. my husband send me a link to the FDA approving the Cefaly device for migraine patients. In the brief time I’ve reviewed it, have heard its “the miracle” and heard its a dud… curious if anyone out in this community has tried it themselves, and if so was it successful? Looks like its been around for a couple of years, and yet when I searched the site here, no returns were found.

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Michele,

    This device has just recently been approved by the FDA for migraine prevention and hasn’t been available until now. The Cefaly is not a ‘cure’ (there is not cure for migraine disease right now) but is approved for migraine prevention.
    I haven’t tried this but know people who have with little results and then others who find it helpful.
    Here is our information this device;


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