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Living with Migraine

Chronic Migraine and Work

  • By dianajo

    I hadn’t had a migraine in 2 years when they started back March. At first, the aura/signs were worse than the actual headache. Chest pain, shortness of breathe, etc. Had a full cardiac work up to rule out anything there. Since June, my migraines have been worse and worse. I’ve had 49 days with a migraine out of the last 60…and that’s counting it “gone” when my pain is at a 2 out 10. 11 good days since June 7.

    I’m on short term disability from my job, but that will end soon and I can’t even fathom going back to 10 hour days talking to customers on the phone with the level of pain I’m dealing with. The last time I worked I ended up in the ER because my migraine became so severe.

    I haven’t been able to identify a trigger and I actually thought for a while the amitriptyline was starting to help but since we increased the dosage I’m back to pretty much daily and moderate (6/10) migraines. My FMLA is out, my short term will end soon too and then I think if I don’t go back to work I will lose my job and my insurance.

    I don’t know where to go from here or how to make a living when I don’t know if I’ll be able to function and take care of myself on any given day. I used to be self employed on the side from my day job (and as a primary job at different times) but clients aren’t likely to be understanding when deadlines are pushed back due to an inability to function.

  • By GardensatNight

    Have you tried any prevenataives other than amytriptaline? (sorry for my spelling this morning… having a bit of brain fog). I am on nortriptyline, but it doesn’t really help. Sometimes it takes a combination of two preventatives together (I take three plus botox), and other treatments like nerve blocks, botox, etc to find something that works.

    For triggers, have you tried eliminating light/sound? Have you tried an elimination diet? Are you keeping a journal of what you eat? Could there be a hormonal element? Smells? Allergies? Weather changes?