Living with Migraine

Computer relief

  • By Sean

    Just letting everyone know that I tried an app called Flux which lets you change the brightness in a way that’s much better than just turning down the brightness level the computer offers, it changes it to a kind of tint that will change throughout the day, or you can set the levels you’d like and it’s so far so good. I realized long ago that being on my computer tended to cause me to have migraines unless I limited my time especially at night, during the day it wasn’t so bad due to the light of day being brighter than the computer, but as the sun went down even with the brightness all the way down it was just no way can you stay on with it unless you want to risk a migraine and trying to look at things on say ebay and have to turn up the bright while you look at whatever but get so caught up you forget to turn it back down, not good. So for those of you having same problem I’d say give it a try. I used to have another app I got from google called Night Mode Eye Guard which is good to it turns background from white to a dark gray with white letters but will mess with some aspects of pages. So, try Flux it helped me.

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