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Computer trigger

  • By BlueLily

    Hello. Please does anyone know whether there is some kind of screen or other device that I can clip over my computer screen? Spending time computing (which is necessary for my self-employed work) is a big trigger for me and I’m anxious to find something – anything – that will help.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • By GardensatNight


    Okay, keep in mind that I am on the severe end of the spectrum, so you may not have to go as crazy extreme as me and my horrible light sensitivity. With LS there are two problems, flicker and light.

    -There is a glare filter you can affix to your screen (sticky) that helps some people
    -For some people, wearing the FL-41 glasses helps

    -You can also get the LED monitors where you can turn the blue tint down, and also they make some monitors that don’t refresh as much, so they’re less irritating (the one on my desk right now is by ViewSonic…of course I can’t use it, but again, I’m freakishly sensitive.)

    -What I use is an e-Ink screen made by Dasung. It is the same as the early Kindles. It neither emits light, nor flickers. So for someone like me, who can’t tolerate any man-made light and any flicker feels like a knife to the skull, this is a god-send. You plug it into your computer and it serves as a secondary monitor. It’s pricey. About the size of a sheet of paper. But so worth it to not lose that one connection to the world. Before that, I used a kindle that had been altered to serve as a computer monitor, but it’s pretty hard to read since the screen is only a few inches wide and tall.

  • By sysad

    I use the FL-41 glasses from SomniLight and they work for me. Being an IT guy we install the 3M filters at work. the blue and the privacy. I tried the blue, but didn’t like the way it focused for me, but people like them.