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Cyclic Migraine

  • By taralane

    I am wondering if anyone has any information on going from chronic to cyclic migraines? Are cyclic migraines what used to be called “cluster” headaches?

    Any information would be a help.


  • By Ellen Schnakenberg


    There is no such diagnosis as cyclic Migraine, so I’m not really clear what you’re talking about. Maybe you can explain a little more so we can help? Here is some information about diagnosing Migraine:

    As to cluster headaches, this is a different and primary condition. This means it is not related to Migraine, but an entirely different disorder altogether. This may help:

    You might consider getting paper copies of your records so you know exactly how your doctor has diagnosed you. Sometimes they can be confusing because they give the true diagnosis, but then try to “explain” by using different terms to patients. All this does is really cause a ton of misunderstandings and problems. Physicians use a tool called ICHD-3 that helps them diagnose the 300 or so headache and Migraine disorders. Depending on the diagnosis, that will tell your doctor how you should be treated and managed at different points.

    You did mention chronic to “cyclic” and I’m wondering if you might mean going from chronic to episodic Migraine? I’ll give it a shot in the dark and give you a link that might help you if this is really what’s going on: Will My Chronic Migraine Ever Become Episodic Again?

    Keep in touch and we’ll do our best to help you learn about what’s going on. We lots of good information here to help 😀