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Having a Cold or other type of infection relives migraine symptoms

  • By marky49uk

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to share my odd way of getting relief from near constant migraines I’ve suffered with for the last four years.And want to find out if any more of you find this helps as well.

    I’ve suffered from silent migraines for the last four years. Symptoms are aphasia, fatigue – Tinnitus- sounds like a million knats are buzzing next to both ears. The worst symptom is the mental fog/confusion. Fortunately, I don’t experience any pain.

    But the strange thing is I’ve found if I have any of the following – a Cold, minor chest infection, sore throat. Or any coldy infection. All my symptoms disappear completely for the length of time I am ill.

    I now find myself seeking out people with colds so I can catch it. That sounds strange, but it works consistently and is more efficient then the Amitriptyline I am on.

    Maybe it’s a natural way of getting the Antibodies that CGRP is targeting.

    Anyone else found this odd effect?

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