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Help me teach my mom about migraines

  • By notmari

    I’ve been tired lately. Very tired. Exausted. And after a couple of triggers (ADHD medication + not eating + way too much coffee + working too hard, etc) I had the migraine episode of my life.

    Besides photophobia, headache, nausea and vomiting (the “typical” for me) I smelled a strong odor of dirt, the colors “felt wrong” (too bright, too saturated) and I had a tinnitus-like episode of hearing a motor – the noise could be coming from the cars on the street, but the migraine made it feel like it was inside the room, inside my head.

    I told my mom about the episode. She freaked out and, at first, imagined I had a psychotic episode, and later told me she thought I was using drugs and had a “bad trip”.

    Can you guys say something I can show my mom, to make her see I just had a “normal” episode? I sent her a couple of articles on hallucinations with migraine and etc, but she doesn’t seem convinced 🙁

  • By sysad

    Welcome. I’m sure you will get the true migraine warriors to post in, i’m just starting to figure out what is causing my migraines and what my triggers are. What you are describing are what most people have for migraine symptoms. Phantom smells, tinnitus, tired, nausea and photophobia. I get auras, tinnitus, nausea, and phantom smoke smell. In this forum section is a symptoms section, good listing. Good luck.