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Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Is it really a migraine?

  • By AutumnElyse

    Hi. I’m 18 and I’ve been
    having these migraines pretty
    often , for yearrsss now .
    When I get them , they’re definitely
    On ten . my vision gets blurry , my
    Hands and mouth , (sometimes my foot)
    Get numb , I can’t comprehend anything
    And when I try to talk , something
    Completely different comes out . my
    Head hurts really bad at the end ,
    And I also Throw up . I’ve had to be
    sent in an Ambulance a few times for
    it , and I’ve ended up in the hospital
    a lot for it . I was wondering if this
    is really a migraine , or mini strokes .
    Cause I feel like its way worse than
    Everyone makes out to be what a migraine
    Is . thanks ! (:

  • By Anonymous

    It most definitely can be a migraine, mine are very similar. However, those of us with as my neuro would say “dramatic” auras get the fun of frequently being sent to the ER and doing countless MRIs just in case it is a stroke.

    Unfortunately only a fraction of people who get migraine get auras, and a fraction of those get severe auras with things like speech loss, numbness, sometimes even paralysis.

    My auras are often speech loss, diminished consciousness and or cognitive functioning (anywhere from very confused to passing out), severe vertigo, loss of peripheral vision, ringing in the ears, numbness in my hands or feet, etc, etc

    Because of how bad the auras are, it is really important to find a headache specialist who can rule out other causes with scans, and also find a preventative medication that is helpful.

    I’m currently on amitriptyline and on botox injections and while I still get some migraines and auras, they are no longer disabling. I’ve gone from being barely able to talk, to just a little slurred, etc.

  • By Katie M. Golden Moderator

    Your symptoms have similar characteristics to Migraines and that could very well be your diagnosis. It sounds like you’ve been to the doctor and ER many times for these issues. Have they ever done an MRI or CT scan? If your condition was caused by a different problem, such as mini-strokes, those tests would have shown it. If these tests were clear (and I hope they are!) then likely the cause is Migraines. Migraines do not show up on any type of brain scan.

    Some of the symptoms you mentioned, trouble speaking and confusion, can be very scary. But it is not unheard of to experience this during a Migraine attack. It’s called aphasia. Here’s some info about it:

    Also, if you are not currently seeing a Headache Specialist, I encourage you to find one. These are neurologists who only see headache/ migraine patients and are best suited to help you figure out triggers and find preventative meds. Here’s some info on these types of docs:

    I hope this helps!
    -Katie Moderator