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Complementary Alternatives Therapies

Medical Marijuana?

  • By sweetnpain2

    Has anyone tried this? If so, what has worked the best? Smoking it, the edible kind, the oils, ? Please any thoughts!!!

  • By Dana

    Well, I’m glad you asked…I was recently approved for my card, March 21st to be exact, and I was super uncomfortable with the idea. I’ve never smoked marijuana before, hell I’ve never smoked a cigarette before, but I was beyond desperation at this point. It took a lot of “encouragement” from my husband but I went to the dispensary and bought two different strains and a CBD oil. The oil didn’t help at all ( edibles aren’t legal in my state ) so I smoked it and I was bad at it…. really bad at it. After maybe two weeks of it one day I had a terrible coughing fit while smoking and threw up. I had a” tickle” cough that night and woke up at 1am and told my husband to call 911, I couldn’t breathe. At the hospital my oxygen saturation was 82% and I was put on 6 liters of oxygen. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in in different spots in both lungs and admitted for 4 days. The doctors felt the smoking was too much for my lungs (I have asthma, but hadn’t had issues in years), they also thought maybe I had aspirated when I vomited. So……my smoking days are over. My husband did make his own edible cookies, which I have yet to try, still a little nervous. HOWEVER, some people find it to be a MIRACLE for them, it just wasn’t for me. If you’re at that point where you’re willing to try anything to make the pain go away, I say don’t knock it til ya try it. It could be your saving grace. Keep me posted and good luck. I hope you find the relief you need

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi danadibs1979,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with medical marijuana. Who knows, maybe edibles will work for you.

    From what I’ve read and heard, you need to go very slow with edibles. They take a long time to enter the system so it’s a good idea to go low and slow with them until you see how you react.

    I hope you are feeling better now,

  • By sweetnpain2

    Oh wow! The only thing I’ve ever smoked was the old time “clove” cigarettes and that was just a couple. I did OK with those. I have never smoked anything else in my life. Do you think that it had to do with your asthma? That’s so scary. I’m leery of almost anything for the simple reason I’ve had bad reactions to certain medications so even when I get introduced to new meds I’m like well look it up and see what class it falls under because I myself know what meds I am allergic to and what not, so I’m very careful. Actual extra cautious but I’m willing to try anything. I go back to the year of 2008 when I had my first spinal tap and I can still feel a pinch where he stuck that needle in the middle of my back, worse pain I ever felt and wonder to this day if he let too much CSF (fluid) drain out and that’s the cause of my migraines? I do a lot of research when I’m capable of sitting up. I’d like more input of others if they have done research and found possible causes so I can introduce them to my doctor. Thank you for your input on the medical marijuana so sorry you had such a scary experience. God bless and hope you find relief very soon! I know it’s a rough road to travel. Even longer when you have then day in, day out 24-7 and no one understands but you and your migraine warriors!

  • By Dana

    I do think it had to do with my asthma, the pulmonologist even added some new meds. I’m also very careful and cautious when I try something new, I take several meds for another health condition. If it’s something you’re really considering you should go for it. We always see on here one person say they’ve found their saving grace and someone else say the same med or whatever was a waste of time for them. I didn’t mean to scare you with my “childbirth horror story” /) just give you my experience. I love to know what your experience is with it. BTW…. what did you have a lumbar puncture for?

  • By SatelliteSign

    I actually just signed up to this forum because I read an article about this and wanted to see if this had worked for anyone. I’m really into holistic/natural treatments and I live in California but had never heard medical marijuana as a possibility for alleviating pain/pressure related to migraines. I still want to do some research on it but I was particularly encouraged by these results:

    “The research was extremely effective in proving that marijuana for migraines is indeed a good option for helping to treat the condition. Nearly 40 percent of subjects reported positive effects. 19.8 percent of people said that the marijuana helped prevent the migraines altogether. 11.6 percent of patients said that the marijuana stopped the migraine in its tracks. 85 percent said they had a reduction in monthly migraines. 12 percent saw no change and only 2 percent claimed they experienced an increase. Given that 85 percent of subjects experienced significant benefits, the research indicates that cannabis has the ability to help treat migraines quite conclusively.”


    The site seems somewhat biased to the positive effects of marijuana so I came here to get a more unbiased idea of whether this is something worth researching further and it seems it’s worth a shot to schedule a meeting with a doctor.

  • By bobmac531

    hi bob here from fl ,new to site but got fed up with all treatments for migraines and chronic pain with depression so went to state Medical Mj, MD, and waiting now for a card to start on pot/cannabis . So here today to get prepared for what to purchase at dispensary ,so far got these choice ,Indica, Sativa and Hybrid -mix of sativa and indica?Beginners dose is 5mg , these first three names are THC types. Then the CBD- Body relief,Minimal THC= no high, category. doctor said later on that 25mg.a twice a day was typical .Then a typical suggestion was 1) vape cbd 2-3 times 2)Indica at night before (1hr) bed . Hybrid or Sativa if daytime symptoms are severe?
    So I ‘m sorting out this as THC is in the indica,sativa and hybrid mix of those two types ? The other choice is CBD with minimal THC yet no high ?? Oh at last was thrown in THC: CBD in a 1:1 ratio excellent for pain and economical ? well there it is in this state ? but one comment from article here says the dispensary “budatender” is a good resource at the dispensary of these products ?? wow .change is stressful for awhile anyway ? whew !

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi bobmac531,

    Welcome to the discussion forum – we’re glad you found us!

    Thank you for sharing that information with us. I believe at this point, medical cannabis variety’s differ from state to state. Currently in NY, there is no “budtender” rather you get what you get from the dispensaries limited products – vape cartiage, tincture, and capsules – Indica or sativa only.

    NY is currently looking into making recreational cannabis, only time will tell.

    Keep us posted on how you make out,

  • By mela14

    I’m in NJ and have a medical marijuana card. The dispensary I go to has many different strains. So far I’ve tried about 3 and none really relieved my migraines. I never liked pot when I was younger and never gravitated to it. I thought I would give it a try even for my fibro. I found that it heightened a lot of my symtpoms. Right now I have a bud that is mostly cannabis CBD and less than 1% THC. It doesn’t heighten my symtpoms but it doesn’t help either.

    • By beachbumgirl

      Hi all!
      I live in Massachusetts and have a
      Medical marijuana card. I find the
      Medical dispensaries very helpful
      Here. Yet, it is still a try as you will.
      I have daily intractable migraines
      That can easily reach 8-10/10 daily.
      I did buy some mm.
      I explained to the associates what I was looking for and what strength.
      I ended up buying two.
      1) “Rick Springsteen oil”- THC 82.8%\ CBD 0.2%.
      Dosing is < grain of rice. Works well, yet puts you to sleep. So don’t plan on going anywhere.
      2) 1:1 cbd and thc. In a avacado oil.
      Relief begins in 30-60”, lasts 2-4 hrs. It comes with a dropper for strength ie 1ml-4ml. I tried this first
      Upon their suggestion at the dispensary. 2-3 mls. Left a bad taste in my mouth yet had me asleep in 1 hr. I will try with honey next time?
      I wanted my pain more manageable but not sleeping the day away.
      It’s a work in progress.

      I hope this helps some that are looking for pain management.
      A person will try just about anything
      When migraines take away weekends, holidays, birthdays,
      and you have tried EVERYTHING!!!!!
      Hopefully, there is always a light at the end of this tunnel. 💕
      Wishing everyone a painless day.

    • By Peggy Artman Moderator

      Beachbum girl,
      I am so glad you have found something that helps you!