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Menopause/Migraine! Anyone now any Specialists?

  • By StefiW

    Hello all-

    I am one of the 9% or so for whom migraines seem to have gotten much worse in menopause. Does anyone know any people who specialize in menopause and migraines? I’ve been told I cannot take HRT because of a risk of strokes. Does anyone know of any other alternatives?

    Also I live in NM and my choices here are very limited. Anyone had any experiences with UCLA or with Dr. Susan Hutchinson in Irvine?


  • By Ronan

    Mine migraines have gotten much worse since menopause, and I also need to stay away from Hormone Replacement as cancer runs in my family.

    Unfortunately, I live with those on a regular basis. I try to get to them as soon as I feel the first symptoms coming on. I stay away from all soy products. One thing that I have recently learned is that Midol also helps for menopausal symptoms. These symptoms can bring on migraines so this info helped me.

    I will follow this thread because I’m looking for answers too.