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Migraine by cats deterrent

  • By tinnitussound

    My English is very bad. Sorry. I get migraine symptoms by a cat repellent. It works with high-frequency noise that is audible to humans. It is similar to a mosquito. Who can tell me more about this?

    Solar Garden Guard/Cat Deterrent.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi tinnitussound,

    Usually when we have a known migraine trigger, it’s best to try and avoid it. What information are you looking for?

    Migraine triggers can include sounds, light, certain foods, skipping meals and many other things. If we can identify our triggers and learn to manage them, we may be able to reduce our attacks. Let me share information with you on migraine triggers;

    Please let me know if that’s the sort of information you are looking for.