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Migraines and hallucinations

  • By Splitting Head

    I’ve not actually had hallucinations while having a migraine or while experiencing a migraine aura.

    But I have been having hallucinations mainly at night or in the morning, I’m hearing conversations and feeling things. don’t know if there connected to the migraines but was wondering if others get them. because I read about on here.

    thanks splitting head

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  • By Ellen Schnakenberg

    splitting-head – Of course we can’t diagnose you here, but this sounds like something you should talk to your doctor about. These types of hallucinations aren’t typical for Migraine. That doesn’t mean they aren’t related, but that’s what a good specialist will be able to tell you. 🙂


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  • By Howsle

    I have auditory hallucinations both preceding and during acute phases of my migraine. It can be speech or just sound. What kind of hallucinations are you questioning about.

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