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Diagnosis of Migraine & Headache Types

Migraines back after months

  • By skilegs

    I had my first migraine with aura aged 14 (am now almost 79) and several more during my teenage years. My Mother suffered very badly with them all her life up until the last 20 years strangely enough after my Father died. My brother at 70 developed frequent late onset migraines with aura but no headache.

    When my children were growing up I had very few migraines but around the menopause they began again luckily not occurring more than once every couple of months always with the warning visual aura and left sided headache although this sometimes is on both sides.

    Over the last two days I have had 2 migraines with aura and yesterday with dysphasia which I always find frightening.
    I managed to sleep 9 hours last night so just hope I get some respite. I take Maxalt Melt Rizatriptan but not sure if they make any difference.

    Any comments welcome – so glad I found this very helpful site.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi skilegs,

    Welcome to our discussion forum – we’re happy you found us too!

    I’m sorry you are seeing an uptick in migraine attack frequency and severity – that’s frustrating. When our migraine attack symptoms and/or patterns change, it’s always a good idea to let the doctor know so he can rule out anything more serious.

    I wish I had a magic answer for you, but sadly there isn’t one.

    Please let me know how you are feeling,