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Complementary Alternatives Therapies

MUSE headband?

  • By Leslie

    Has anyone ever tried the MUSE headband for mediation and stress relief? It’s pricey, but it looks intriguing and I wonder if it could be beneficial for migraineurs.


  • By Lisa Robin Benson Moderator

    Hi Leslie,

    I have not tried this but I do brain-training games on when I can. I watched the 3 minute video, and this looked similar except it gives you brain-wave feedback in addition to feedback on how well you play the game. There may be more to it though. I like these sorts of games because I feel they help me combat my migraine and migraine-medication induced brain fog. That being said, I personally haven’t noticed any benefits in reduction of migraines by playing these games, nor have I read any literature on them. They do make me feel sharper overall, though.

    I wonder if this could be similar to biofeedback?
    Biofeedback is sometimes covered by insurance, so that might be worth investigating first.

    I would love a headband (perhaps a more discreet one) that would alert me to when an attack was coming on!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this on the forum and it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has tried this.


  • By Wolverine68

    Re: “I would love a headband (perhaps a more discreet one) that would alert me to when an attack was coming on!”

    A new headband biofeedback system called the Halo ( is being developed by BioTrak Health. The website says “sign up to receive exclusive early bird pricing”. I believe that this system is designed to sense excessive forehead muscle tension (via EMG?) and alert user so that one can intervene (relaxation techniques) before a full-blown headache/migraine develops. The Muse system measures EEG (brain waves) but does not alert users in real time when a migraine is about to happen.