Pillow ? Have you given a thought

  • By Aqil Bintory

    Well, I have been suffering from Migraine for almost 10+ years, but with very limited trial and error techniques and some discussions I have managed to reduce it to once a fortnight from twice a week.
    After working up on my schedule and maintaining journal on my daily routine, I wanted to try this option, as this was easily available one.

    Try using a good mild stuffy pillow rather than full soft, comfy one. and make sure your pillow touches your shoulder blades when you lay flat on your back on bed, this way it gives much needed support for your head and more important neck.
    I still get migraines but the pattern and occurrence has reduced.
    Hope this helps someone somewhere.

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  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi bintorys,

    What a great idea – thank you so much for sharing that with us. Any tips and tricks that help one person may help another.

    I often fight with my pillow at night. If I am able to place it near my shoulders my head/neck do feel a bit better. The only problem is getting to stay in that position all night!

    Thanks again!

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  • By RogueRose

    Oh my goodness – I cannot sleep without my buckwheat pillow. If I sleep without it, I get a migraine. I take it EVERYWHERE with me. I went to family in the South for Thanksgiving – it came with me. I go the nation’s capitol – it came with me. I am going over to Africa to visit family – I asked for my family there to order me one so I can have it there. No way I can sleep without it. So yes – pillow makes all the difference for me.

    I also have designed my own buckwheat pillow that is not the conventional pillow shape.

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  • By JennS

    I have a Bucky-duo pillow meaning one side is buckwheat while the other is Millet. the pillow was a little pricey but I love mine and take it everywhere I travel

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  • By Filb

    I find a soft fluffy one to be less annoying, but it has to be full enough to keep my head straight while side sleeping. If not, stuff 1 or more folded towels under it to adjust slowly.

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  • By FreeUK

    For over 10 yrs I have been awoken every morning and in the night with one or two, usually one, nostril totally blocked; or my nose will be just stuffy but breathable thru. My nose is fine in the day. With a blocked nostril I get a headache. Recently diagnosed with migraine, on the spectrum of course, to find that nose problems in general, and pain, and accompanying headache are on said spectrum. At the start of my migraines, ie, 10/10 pain, about 5 mths ago, the nose pain got much worse especially for the first few months. After reading the 123 diet book, things have become clearer. I was just diagnosed at an ENT appt, as having sleep apnoea, which for me means that when I lie down, the inside of my oral cavity ‘falls’ down to block off my breathing. NB, I never have a snotty nose even with the nose/headache pain in the day. This seemed to help ENT diagnose my problem. Now here is where I get to pillows. I tried lying at 30 degrees with pillows to now avail as per ENT advice; I just ended with a stiff neck and shoulders which are part of my headache problem. I have now tried a contour pillow; so that my neck is supported but my head is not at a poor angle. I am basically then flat; I do have a good mattress so that my shoulders do not dig into it when on my side. After all these years I have solved the problem. Yes, I may get stuffy some mornings, but I certainly don’t have to walk the house in the middle of the night to start up my nostrils. This has an element of healer heal thyself. I also think that some triggers in the migraine spectrum are involved, and I continue to rule things out.

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  • By officechik

    FreeUK, I also agree pillows are very important!

    One of my migraine triggers is muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. I did physical therapy for this and the therapist recommended that I sleep with nothing but a basic support “roll” under my neck just to keep natural alignment. This roll is soft foam about 4 or 5″ in diameter, which I pair up with a very flat travel pillow in my pillowcase. Between those 2 my neck and head are in a perfect alignment with my spine. This is awesome for my neck and head.


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  • By FreeUK

    Hi officechik.

    I now use a my contour memory foam pillow (with choice of large or smaller roll in it), with a very lightly filled feather pillow on top. I therefore benefit from the roll underneath, with the soft, pliable one on the top. I wonder what my next combination will be! I was going to buy a buckwheat one, followed by the better (?) millet pillow, to then decide I’d spent too much on pillows and mattresses over the years, so didn’t buy either. But even if the aforementioned are no better, it would be nice to not have a hot head in the night – I hate hot pillows. I now have moved on from gentle yoga to more strenuous yoga, so my shoulders and neck hurt all day anyway. I wonder if I’ll ever get anything right!

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