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CGRPs (calcitonin-gene-related peptide)

Have you experienced side effects from Emgality?

  • By MadWithMigraines

    I already posted this as a response to someone else who asked about weight gain, but I’ll repost here in case anyone checks.

    So I’m at the end of my 2nd month and where I’ve had less headache “ache” severity (didn’t seem to do anything about the non-ache symptoms which are still terrible) and fewer headache days during my pre-menstrual attacks I also:

    gained 7 to 10 pounds (ongoing), have had 2 irregular-timed and heavier bleed menstrual cycles, and have a sluggish GI with mild to moderate constipation.

    I’m currently debating on whether or not to continue because the weight gain was not something I expected and I have a familial history of diabetes along with hormonal issues which I definitely don’t need.

  • By kmac33

    Emgality has helped my migraines immensely. Unfortunately, it has caused itchy hives all over my body for weeks and weight gain in middle. I want to cry because I was so happy migraines were gone but can’t take the itching!!!