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Very Odd

  • By NedWinkle

    I had all the migraine symptoms at work, the aura, wobbly feeling, nausea but no actual head crushing head ache just a really stiff neck.
    It was brought on by excessive coffee consumption (Definitely limit myself now!)

    It was the first time there was no headache, yet I felt extremely odd and totally out of sorts, almost if I was disconnected from my body and just rolling about inside my head, it took about three days to settle and even now I still feel like its waiting around inside me!

    Anyone else ever had this type of occurrence?

  • By NedWinkle

    Thank you Nancy, it’s reassuring to know I wasn’t going crazy for a while back there, again many thanks for the informative reply

  • By lpayton08

    I have always felt the “out of my body” feeling, for days after the migraine. This is good to know.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi mcc100743,

    There is a type of migraine called silent or acephalgic where one can experience all the symptoms of a migraine EXCEPT headache. And it’s not uncommon to feel “out of sorts” during an attack and afterward even 48 hours later, this is called postdrome. Here is information on the four phases of a migraine attack;

    There is also something called Alice in Wonderland syndrome which is a particular sort of migraine aura which you can read more about this here;