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Well This was a First….

  • By CarolineM

    My worst migraines, I call the Skull Crushers. The ones where the pain feels like my skull is fractured/Fracturing, of course in the moment I am pretty sure it literally is! Also, in the moment, I come up with all kinds of ridiculous things… “My giant tumor that never shows up on CTs is finally showing itself!” … “This is going to end with an aneurysm!” … “Small alien, hatching in skull now…” Whatever fanciful reason I can concoct, I will. So I lost Tuesday to one of these extreme migraines. 16 hours of that business up in my head.

    Yesterday, (Weds) was great, aside from the typical hangover effect. I was productive and feeling happy. Late last night (about 11:30), I felt the warning signs again. Pressure at the base of my skull, hearing my heartbeat in my ears, and unable to lay on a pillow because the back of my head couldn’t take the ‘pressure’. My First, is that I started having a sort of panic attack. I couldn’t get enough air, I was SO scared that any minute it would go full steam. I ended up taking a Xanax to calm myself down. It relaxed not only my thoughts, my breathing, but also seemed to chill out everything else. I finally slept at 3am.

    I realized, in the anxiety, that I was scared of a number of things… I was afraid of the pain I knew was imminent, I was scared of losing today to that pain, I was scared that I would have tell my family to count me out for another day, that I would have to miss a long awaited Dr appt… I had a list of how this was going to affect me, my family, my BF, etc… I have NEVER had this happen before.

    Have you??

    Thanks for listening guys, and for being here.


  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m sorry you went through this scary episode. Panic attacks and increased anxiety can accompany a migraine attack. Let me share this information with you to help put your mind at ease; and

    Do you have any abortive medications to take when you first feel a migraine attack coming on? Abortive medications include Imitrex, Amerge, Axert, Frova, Relpax, Zomig, Relpax and we have more information about them in this link;