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48 yrs old and it's getting worse!!

We'll I've just found this page after following for a while on Facebook and it's been very helpful.
I have a query though, over the last year or so my migraines seem to be changing pattern . Has anyone else had vomiting or upset stomach in the 12 or so hours before the headache hits?
It's very strange last week at work I suddenly felt sick, was sick and continued to be so for the next 12 hours or so then the migraine pain started I actually felt sick for all 3 days of the migraine. A few months ago I had the same thing with diarrhoea 12 hours before I actually thought I had a bug except I don't suffer that way very often I'm only ever sick with migraines.
This has happened about 3 times now and this weekend I've had migraine with aura 🙁
I so hoped that menopause would be a change for the better ( in April I will be a year without a period)
I've searched online and I can't find any mention of sickness before migraine, I've always been sick sometimes with migraine but never before it's not very helpful because I wasn't sure what was wrong until it was a bit late to take maxalt
Good luck to all of us some days are such a struggle and don't even get me started on the "advice" I get from the people I work with!

  1. Kittybat,
    There is such a thing as Abdominal Migraines. These are usually found in children, but can adults can suffer as well. More often, there is severe pain in the stomach area along with vomiting and diarrhea. However, the patient usuallly does not get the full Migraine. Here's some basic info on Abdominal Migraines:

    It's also possible that your symptoms are part of your prodrome- the 24-48 hours before the Migraine hits. In the prodrome, diarrhea and frequent urination have been cited as frequent symptoms. Knowing what your body is experiencing may help you to abort an attack before it fully develops.

    You should talk to your doctor about these symptoms.

    1. Thanks for the reply, actually I did have abdominal migraines as a child pretty bad I remember. Early last year I had what the doctor thinks were abdominal migraines I had severe stomach pains and sickness my husband was so worried he wanted to take me to the emergency rooms!
      My doctor wasn't much help he said he hadn't heard of sickness before migraine suggesting maybe I had a bug, but I don't think so I think it was like you say a new prodrome which is great as that was such fun 😀
      I love this site it's very reassuring to know you're not alone and I sympathise with all of you

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