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Hello! I am a physical therapist who works in a headache clinic. We work with natural treatments for rapid headache relief. Acupressure is one treatment that is used. One pressure point, SJ 17, is in the upper sternocleidomastoid muscle. While I can't say this point works for everyone, it does help a lot of people. This is my first post, and hope it helps some people. Craig

  1. Hi Hlp4MigHa,

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    Thank you for sharing that tip with us!!

    1. Hello Nancy,
      I wanted to reach out to you and get your advice. As I mentioned to Lawrence, I have extensive experience treating headaches, and could offer your community much knowledge, totally FREE and with NO secondary gains to me. For instance, Chapter 3 contains a compilation of acupressure points that for some people work as well as medicine. A point in the forearm relieves migraine induced nausea before it escalates. A point in the lower leg has been used to relieve a woman's migraine who got stressed out in corporate meetings. Instead of escalating to her typical 7-8/10 pain which would last several days. The point which she would press in the meeting kept the migraine pain down to 2-3/10 and it would subside in several hours, not days. I see many results like this. I had hoped to be a resource to the community for altruistic reasons, not for any financial gain. If you would take a second look, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration.

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