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Any advice? Headaches have gotten worse.

Where to start...I started getting headaches last week, they are horrible and debilitating instead of getting better they have gotten worse. I went in er Saturday all they did was dope me up and send me home to wake up with headaches. I have been to chiropractorsee, dentist in hopes to find a solution. I went to dr yesterday who put me on prednisone 4 10 MG for 4 days the 3 pills for 4 days ans so on. He also prescribed butalb-acetaminophen pills he stressed a bunch about only taking them if needed. I am on day one of prednisone and I feel as though my head is going to explode I am hesitantin taking the butalb not sure what to expect anyone taken these treatments do they help? Any advice? Ice packs Epsom salt baths herbs I'm trying them all.

  1. Arnaofamily — I’ve been talking Fioricet (brand name for butalbital) for more than 17 years. I’ve never had issues with taking it it your doc might be being cautious because it is a both a Barbiturate and Stimulant. So, depending on how sensitive you are to the butalbital it might make you sleepy.

    Sorry your having to take the Prednisone, always seems to be a doc’s first choice when they are at a loss of what else to do. Luckily I’m allergic so they have to try other approaches.

    1. I have also taken Fioricet for about 25yrs. I don’t know what I would have done without it, be careful though you can easily get rebound headaches if taken too often. It happened to me.

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