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Aha moment? Thyroid Eye Disease

My left eye has been red, itchy, and dry for quite a while. I assumed it was hay fever and took antihistimines for months. While visiting my primary care doc., I asked him for a referral to an opthomologist to take a closer look. The eye dr. took one look at my eye and said it looks like thyroid eye disease! What a shock. I will be having thyroid tests to see what's going on, but it got me thinking about my migraine history. Two summers ago I was in chronic range with my frequency with attacks about every 5 days. I started elavil, adjusted some other meds, took a couple months off work, and got back to my normal migraine frequency of one a month or so. Except for stress, (a real trigger, but who doesn't have stress) there was no clear trigger for the 6 months of frequent headaches.

Now I wonder if my thyroid had anything to do with it. I know my eye has bothered me for quite a while. Wouldn't it be interesting if the eye thing and migraines were connected.

  1. Hi blinkylights,

    Thank you for your question! I do know having an out of whack thyroid can trigger migraine attacks. We have information on migraine and thyroid in these articles; and

    I hope this helps,

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