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Allodynia Clothing

I would be grateful for anyone caring to share sources for garments gentle on the skin for those of us who suffer this comorbidity. Gentle air hugs.

  1. Hi Pain in GA,

    Great question - thank you for asking! While I'm not familiar with clothing to help with allodynia, hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    1. Hi Pain in GA,

      Both of my children have sensory processing disorder, (one is a sensory seeker and one is sensory defensive). I thought I'd share Adult Sensory Overload With Clothing, from the SPD site, which discusses and shares some resources. You can find sensory friendly clothing easily online. Just read the descriptions carefully. Sensory clothing tends to come in three varieties - Compression clothing (which provides deep pressure), weighted clothing, and seamless, soft fabrics (my oldest hates "hard" clothes). I hope that helps! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

      1. Thank you, both! While online shopping is a welcomed convenience, the absence of "touch" for those of us who need to feel only a whisper against our skin during the worst of the worst days makes for difficulty in selecting garments. Sleek, jersey fabrics that are cool, cool, cool feel best to me. Anything else is like sand rubbing against the worst sunburn.

        1. @paininga
          I have a friend with multiple health conditions and she primarily wears a brand of clothing called Lularoe. It's kind of a Mary Kay type company but you can find the items on eBay as well. They are soft and very giving so she says they do not hurt her skin. Hope that helps some. Sending much love.
          - Amanda Workman ( moderator and contributor)

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