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Any one have more frequent migraines due to stress?

I've noticed my migraines have been more frequent. So I am wondering could it relate to the massive amount of stress I've had recently.

  1. Hi @historynerd247,

    YES! For some of us with migraine disease, stress can trigger attacks. There is conversation about whether it's the actual stress that is triggering a migraine attack, or the things we do or don't do during stressful times, or a combination of both. During stressful times we may not be keeping a regular sleeping and/or eating schedule (important for the migraine brain) and forget to drink enough water. If we're sensitive to caffeine (which can either help with attacks or make them worse) we may be drinking too much of it during difficult times.

    You're not alone in this!!
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. I feel very sad and frustrated because I am unable to clean up the mess my PC is in. I do not know much about computers and the tech support I have paid for isn't helping. I have to shrug it off because I am in the middle of a migraine. But I am taking a class I love and my computer's not cooperating. I find it really hard to let go and take care of my migraine with an RX med that makes me drowsy and fatigued.

      1. Hi @NaMag,

        I'm sorry you are going through a stressful period at work. You're not alone in having increased migraine pain when things like this happen. I wonder if it's time to have a conversation with your doctor about a medication to stop an attack that leaves you less drowsy and fatigued?

        Will you keep me posted?
        Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

        1. Thank-you, Nancy. It feels good just to be heard. A professional- I don't remember who- told me that all medications for migraines have a side- effect of drowsiness and fatigue. Apparently this is not so? I can't see my GP for about 10 days to talk about this but if the meds for migraines do not all cause drowsiness and fatigue then I want to know more about that before we talk. Is there a site you would suggest? if not, I will go online and do my own searching. I find it very depressing that I can either take a med to stop the pain and be drowsy and tired and lie down; or take the med and push through which just makes things worse and triggers more pain. And the med I'm taking doesn't always work that well but maybe that's par for the course? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Warm hug, Nancy

        2. Hi @NaMag,

          I've not heard of Canterbury Farms CBD. But have heard from people who use CBD they find it helpful. I am in the US and use medical cannabis every night for pain relief and restless leg and do find it helpful. I will also use it for breakthrough pain during the day.

          As far a migraine specific medications go like triptans, some people do experience fatigue and drowsiness. I use the nasal spray form of these medications and don't find that to be true for me.

          I hope this helps!
          Gentle hugs, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

      2. Hi Nancy Harris Bonk

        Have you heard about something called Canterbury Farms CBD? It came up in my search for migraine meds that don't cause drowsiness or fatigue. It's on CNN and was discovered by a woman who had been suffering from debilitating migraines for over 15 years. She wanted to research treatments and had a small budget. At a medical conference she heard a nutritionist speaking who talked about his discovery, CBD oil, that worked to eliminate pain. She decided to try it for her migraines and said it worked right away. She takes 2 drops in the morning and hasn't had a migraine in over 4 months. They are offering a free trial that ends today- I'm a little suspicious- and you only pay for shipping and postage. 'Course being in Canada, that may cost more than the product itself! I'm going to try to see if I can get any information on Canterbury Farms CBD. I've been duped before and I wonder, If something sounds too good to be true, maybe it is. Would like your opinion on this.

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