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Anyone Else Have A Problem With Heat?

I live in a dry, desert climate, in the top part of Arizona. I know the hot temps is a huge trigger for me- it doesn't just need to be humid, it can be dry, and I've found that 100-125 degrees can make me just cry (although it really makes me want to shut down when at 109-125).

I have a weird thing with body heat, though- I've had PERFECT spring days, and weirdly my body will feel hot. If I feel like that heat is "creeping" up to the back of my neck, I know I will have a migraine within 10-15 minutes.

It's a problem all the time now, though. We keep the temp at 72 degrees in our office, and I have moments where I feel like I'm about to pass out or catch on fire or something, if I don't take my meds AND get an ice pack within 5-10 minutes. (And even then, will all the things I do, I still get a migraine.)

My house is kept at 79-82 degrees at night (in the summer- it's a big house, all tile) and I will never be able to sleep unless the temp is 79 or below. The house can be at 82 or so degrees, and I will wake up sweating, without fail.
And of course, my body is hot, everything feels hot, and I have a migraine.

Does anyone else have body heat issues like this?

  1. Hi, I have the same problem with heat. I live in Alabama and we have "summer" conditions from April through September with temps above 75-80, into the 90s, even low 100s in mid-summer, with 50-80+% humidity pretty much all the time. My body can't handle the heat. Even when everyone else is comfortable, I become extremely hot and my body can't seem to be able to dissipate the heat and I will have a full-blown, severe migraine after being hot like that for as little as 10-15 minutes. Basically I can't go outside or do anything outside from April through September.

    Even when I stay inside, I get hot much quicker than anyone else, with minimal activity, and I have to stand inside the refrigerator open door to try to cool my body down, but usually get a migraine anyway. I keep the temperature in the house set at 75-76, and have to run it down to 70-72 after I take a shower or do any type of activity (e.g., vacuuming or other house-cleaning tasks).

    I wasn't always like this. As a child, I was outside all summer and didn't get that many migraines. I would get them if I spent too much time in the sun and heat without a "cooling-down" break; but now I'm practically "house-bound" during the day from April through the summer. I can't even go grocery shopping during the day because just the time spent in the heat loading the groceries into the car is enough to trigger a migraine. This is incredibly frustrating and disheartening. My husband has a boat and loves outdoor activities, and I can never go with him.

    I've tried to ask several of my doctors, including my Neurologist/Headache specialist, about this, but none have really even listened or done anything to evaluate this and how it contributes to my migraines. If you ever learn anything, please let me know. I feel like I would have to move to Alaska to get some relief!!

    1. I get Lot of migraine when is really hot out

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