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attacks without headaches

hi all. i was taking aimovig for a long time, but since i was still getting frequent disabling attacks at the back half of every month, i recently switched to emgality. i'm also on a mood stabilizer.

the past couple weeks, i have had distressing amounts of brain fog just about every day even when i don't have a headache/only have a mild headache, and i can't tell if it's part of a migraine attack. i notice that with cgrp injections, the language they use claims to affect "headache days" without mentioning the rest of the attack-- do any of you know to what extent they treat the attack? is the focus of the drug only to manage pain? have any of you been having attacks without pain after starting cgrp meds? do you think this relentless brain fog is a matter to discuss with my neurologist or my therapist?

  1. Hi adavidson,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I wish I could tell you exactly what's going on, but only a qualified health professional can do that and it's probably not a bad idea to discuss this with your neurologist, and/or therapist.

    CGRP medications such as Emgality, Aimovig and Ajovy work to prevent migraine attacks. The main focus of these medications is prevention, not pain managment.

    There are newer CGRP medications out that work for acute migraine attacks such as Ubrevly, Nurtec and Reyvow. These work to stop a migraine attack, and it's accompanying symptoms.

    I hope that helps!
    Please keep us posted!

    1. thanks! it's good to hear that they're meant to prevent the whole attack, and i'm definitely going to be bringing this up with my doctor. i'm curious about whether others who have been taking cgrp injections have noticed changes in the nature of their attacks without any effects on the frequency, though.

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