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Ausanil Nasal Spray

I checked out this new medication that has just become available, Ausanil Nasal Spray. The price is good, less than a doctors visit. Reviews look good, but anyone can have people "say" their product is good for the right amount of $$.
Has anyone here used it yet? If anyone has, what kind of results did you have? If not, check out the product at
They state relief from migraines in minutes, no side effects, no prescription needed. About 50 sprays for under $30.
It looks promising.

  1. "When administered, a local stinging sensation in the nasal cavity indicates the sensory nerve has been stimulated, which leads to a reduction in the release of pain molecules in the brain"

    Active Ingredients:
    Capsicum Annuum 3X
    Zingbiger Officianale 3X

    What concerns me is Capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray. The website says the capsicum is an Analgesic and the Zingbiger is ginger which can help with Nausea. I'm going to wait a bit and let someone else spray hot pepper up their nose before I do..LOL

    Let us know how it works if you try it. 😛

    1. I tried Ausanil last night, and I will never do that again! as previously mentioned, it's basically pepper spray and it feel just like it when used. So painful....

      1. There's another thread on Ausanil on another part of the forum, which you can check for more patients' experiences with it: at

        1. I've tried it twice. It definitely burns, though I'd be happy to trade 30 minutes of stinging in my nose for no migraine. It didn't work for me.

          If you do try it, only spray it in the nostril on the side of the migraine. The first time, I did both nostrils (because the migraine was on both sides) and the spray was very painful. It was less painful the second time, when I only sprayed it in one nostril.

          Ellen wrote about her experience with another brand of capsaicin nasal spray:

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