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I have horrible migraines (daily at 5-7/10 and flares of worsening pain). I am panicking because apparently my imitrex nasal spray that are a godsent are backordered without a date. Imitrex and zomig shots are also both backorderred. This is the only triptans that has worked so far (tried maxalt and axert before).

What do I do?

I have imitrex pills but more than half of my migraines come on too fast to respond to pills. Are there any others that have nasal sprays?

I'm already in urgent care once a month because of the meds failing to stop the migraine. Twice last month because of all the stress of losing my job, selling my house, having to move in with my mom (end of October) and having my only friend moving 4 hours away.

Why is life so hard?

  1. they make a sumatripan nasal powder called Onzetra. Not sure on its status (I'm not currently taking triptans as they're not working for me). Also, have you tried injectable DHE? Katie Golden just did an article on it. Little trickier, but if you are out of options..

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