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Barometric Pressure

Does anyone else get barometric pressure migraines? I live in Phoenix and it's currently monsoon season, which means migraine season. I don't understand a lot about barometric pressure, but I know that in my weather app, any time it says 30 or below next to "Pressure"...I'm pretty much guaranteed to have a headache for days.

Nothing really helps with these either. The only time I get any relief is when I sneeze. Is that weird? I love sneezing! The pain goes away for about 2-3 minutes after a sneeze. The pain radiates from the front of my face, up and over the top of my head, to the back of my neck and all the way down my back...all on one side. Massage helps some, but I'll rub myself raw before it actually makes a noticeable dent.

Anyone else have this problem with weather changes?

  1. Yes and it makes fall-winter-spring suck because every single cold front is guaranteed to give me a migraine. I can control what I put in my mouth, wear earplugs, keep the lights off, etc, but I can't avoid air.

    1. It's my biggest trigger. I live in the NYC area and it is supposedly one of the worst cities when it comes to average days per year with significant barometric pressure changes. I heard Honolulu has 0 days on average!

      Sorry I'm no help but I can relate. Sometimes I seriously consider moving my whole family to a city where the weather isn't as volatile but then I worry that something else will just end up triggering my migraines.

      Also, I have never experienced (or noticed) sneezing helping but I'm glad something works for you at least for a few minutes!

      1. Anyone familiar with the app MigrainX? The idea there is that a barometric change above a certain threshold causes migraines. From what people write here it can be triggered by low barometric pressure. Would like to know more about it. I ordered the earplugs they sell. Did anyone try it?

        1. I downloded the app. It started out working very well, at 7 in the morning it was giving me a good heads up about the day. after about two weeks, same "weather is clear and the barometer is rising". every day, even during a full blown thunderstorm. Shame, it had possibilities. I keep it, hoping for an update to fix it, nothing so far. Haven't tried the earplugs.

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