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Barometric Pressure

I’m just starting to learn/see a pattern with my migraines and barometric pressure. It can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days. How does anyone else affected by the weather deal with it other then crying and going insane.

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  1. For me getting Daith peircings helped with the barometric triggers...also there was a study done by the university of Cincinnati about lightning strikes, being within a few miles of someone, can also trigger migraines in some people, something to think about since during my tracking of my migraines did indicate that when lightning struck within 5 miles of the house I could feel the buildup to a migraine...

    1. Hi ,

      That study sounds fascinating! I'll have to look into that so I can learn a bit more about it. I'm glad the daith piercing seems to be working well for you! Thanks for sharing!

      Kindly, Crystal ( team)

  2. Hi ,

    Thanks for reaching out and I want to make sure you know that you're not alone when it comes to weather-related migraine triggers. There are some things that may help though and I linked a video with some suggestions below. I hope it helps!!


    Kindly, Crystal ( team)

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      I forgot to mention-if you check out the link, be sure to scroll through the comment section as well. There are some great tips in there! Please let us know if you have any other questions, we're happy to help 😀

      Kindly, Crystal ( team)

  3. I second the app approach. I moved to the east coast (from the west coast mountains) about 10 years ago. I kept having un-relenting migraines and had no idea they were related to barometric pressure until I started talking about it with a fellow migraine sufferer, native to where we live. He pointed me to an app called WeatherX. It hasn't been 100%, but it's like 95% better than it used to be. I can see the ebbs and flow in pressure days in advance, see what triggers it and actually attempt to medicate ahead of time using notification thresholds.

    1. I recently read about the WeatherX app and earplugs from other migraineurs on this site. I went out and bought a pair for $11 at CVS and tried them right away. The difference is AMAZING! I would encourage the folks who just use the app to also try the earplugs, as it's made a tremendous difference in addressing barometric pressure headaches. In face, since I can sense the change, I don't even use the app anymore.

    2. I also meant to add that I saw a device called Zok on Amazon that had a number of good reviews. I plan to try this, as well.

  4. I was going to do research on my students behavior,but then I noticed the drop effected me as well.

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