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Basilar Migraine

Hi, I had my very first migraine earlier this month. Thankfully, it's pretty much gone, but it lasted about three weeks, with the first ten days being the absolute worst! I'm seeing my neurologist tomorrow, and I'm thinking about talking to her about basilar migraine. From what I've read, it sounds to me like that might have been what I experienced, but I would like to hear from someone who has had one.

My headache had the typical markers of a migraine, like the right side headache, visual disturbances and nausea, but as it progressed I also had numbness in my hands and lips, memory loss (I would forget what I was saying/doing or what other people had told me), aphasia (I was having trouble speaking and at one point couldn't form the letters to write my name, and I felt very impaired and faint like I was going to pass out at times.

I was treated with Imitrex, maxalt, Frova, and Depakote. None of them seemed to do anything.

Has anyone had a basilar migraine? Does this sound like what it is? If not, is it par for the course for Migraine? My mom always had them, but her migraines didn't involve any aura, outside of visual disturbances.

  1. Hi Tired321,

    The first time we have a migraine attack can be alarming, and some of the symptoms you describe can be associated with migraine with aura. We have information on what arua is; Continue reading this link for information on migraine aura;

    Migraine is thought to be a neurological genetic disease and seeing as your mom has migraine, there is the connection. I really wish I could tell you what type of migraine and/or headache disorder you have but no one can do that over the internet, it just isn't safe. Only a doctor can give you an accurate diagnose after he/she goes over your medical history, discusses your symptoms and does a complete exam. We have more information on doctors and diagnosis in this link;

    You can read about migraine with brainstem aura (formerly called basilar type migraine) in this link;

    Let us know how you made out at the doctor.


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