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Bee Pollen

Among other benefits, I read bee pollen helps with migraines. Anyone ever try this and see any results?

  1. Bee pollen is great for overall stamina and energy. A lot of people swear it helps them manage stress better. It has a "tonic" affect on the body. In herbal-speak, "tonic" means that it is an overall, good-for-you supplement that helps your body maintain normal activity. I guess than in theory, since the migraine brain likes stability, bee pollen might help the body maintain consistency during times of stress. However, I am not aware of any studies that demonstrate a clinically proven benefit to taking bee pollen as a migraine preventive. It's like saying a multivitamin will help migraines. Sure, good nutrition goes a long way to improving our body's resistance to migraine attacks. However, it's not a guarantee we won't have a migraine from time to time.

    Tammy Rome
    Moderator & Herbalist

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