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Benefiting from migraine effect on senses

Obviously i suffer from migraine, therefore i am here, but whenever i have an attack, i keep wondering of one thing, is there a way to apply the topic mentioned above?

Usually migraine will affect some of our senses in way that they are somehow "boosted", we will suffer from sound sensitivity in way that our ears work better, we can hear sounds clearer so our headaches get much worse, same applies on our vision, in terms of light sensitivity, and also on the sense of smell.

So is there a way to understand that effect, and the reaction on the brain, to implement it as a helping aid for people who have hearing problems, or disorders in their vision which could be cured?

  1. Hi lonely11184,

    This is an interesting question, one that we don't yet have answers to. Seeing as researchers are still trying to understand all aspects of migraine, it may be a long time before we are able to apply the things you mentioned.


    1. interestingly (perhaps?), i am a poet and have found some of my migraines have actually benefited my work. the problems with language result in some really interesting and unexpected imagery, and i think my sensory sensitivity (and synesthesia) are assets. it's at least one good thing to have come out of my chronic hemiplegic migraines.

      1. Thank you for taking time to read and consider my question, what really made me ask it, is the fact that i do have some problems with my hearing in both ears, yet whenever i suffer from an attack, my hearing gets really enhanced, and even my vision (but not as a super hero), it is really like what (rarity) mentioned above, the only one good thing which comes out of a migraine attack.

        Hopefully someday we will have the mean to understand this effect and transform it to a cure or at a least an enhancing method.

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